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Sprightly Puzzles is dedicated to producing the best variety of puzzles. Our books are enjoyed in countries around the world and setting the standard for high quality and entertaining puzzle books. Sprightly Puzzles are designed in and inspired by the great state of Montana near Glacier National Park.

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How we make better puzzle books

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accurate skill levels

For example, in Sudoku, skill levels are dually determined by how many cells to fill in, and also how many different techniques it takes to complete them. Our most difficult puzzles are the ones that require a wide range of the most advanced techniques – and for those the difficulty of the techniques far outweighs the number of cells to fill in!

bigger grids bigger fonts

Our puzzle grids are the biggest in the industry. We maximize the grid size to the printed page while still making it eye scannable. Industry standard large print is classified as a 16 point font. Our puzzles use 22 point fonts. That is over a third of an inch! Hey we don't like using reading glasses either!

Tested and Solvable

There is nothing more frustrating than spending time on a puzzle only to discover a mistake or it is unsolvable. Our team tests our puzzle books to ensure accuracy of skill level and are solvable with the appropriate techniques. We also test our puzzles with a proprietary software to ensure they are solvable with one, and only one clear solution.

current puzzle books

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our team

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Graphic Designer
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“I love these guys! They did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone.” 

Julius Von Uberstien

“Elexis Corp. has grown immensely with the help of Minimal.” 

Rachel Stamos

“I’m working with these guys from now on!”

John Smith

“Top-notch job. Couldn’t have asked for better design and photography.

Phil Johnson

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